Diagnosis and Prevention

Comprehensive Dental Exams

  • Your first visit as a new patient will take about one hour. We will sit down with you, listen to your immediate concerns, and ask you a series of questions that will help guide us in your treatment.
  • After this initial consultation, we will conduct a complete examination of your teeth, gums, and occlusion (the way your teeth come together).
  • Additional elements of your exam may include digital x-rays and photographs to help us develop an appropriate plan for you.

Dental Prophylaxis and Checkups

  • Regular checkups and cleanings (when we remove plaque and calculus from your teeth) allow us to maintain your optimal dental health.
  • These appointments help us to detect early signs of cavities and gum disease that may require treatment.


  • A sealant is a thin protective material applied to the grooves of a back tooth to help prevent cavities.
  • We recommend sealants mostly for children, as their permanent molars erupt; however, we also use them on adult patients in certain instances.

Athletic Mouthguards

  • We make athletic mouthguards custom-fit to your teeth. First, we take an impression of your mouth; then, we create a mold from which to make the mouthguard.

Nightguards/Occlusal Guards

  • Nightguards help to prevent breakdown and wear of the biting surfaces of your teeth due to grinding or clenching at night.
  • They may also be useful for certain patients with muscle pain and/or headaches caused by grinding or clenching.